BC Alpinum Silberdistel-blau


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With its impressive bloom, the silver thistle is a real eye-catcher and is not only a source of enthusiasm among mountaineers. A big fan was, for example, the famous doctor Paracelsus, who already raved in 1525: If you carry the thistle with you at work, you deprive your employees of strength and this then passes on to you. Okay Paracelsus – we wouldn't go that far with the magical ascriptions, but we can understand the enthusiasm for this beautiful mountain plant! The “Alpinum-Silberdistel” is the third cap in our Alpinum range and an addition to edelweiss and gentian.



Size: 58cm (Note: when all buttons are closed)

Material: 60% cotton 40% polyester

Age: adult

Collection: Bavarian Caps classics

Care instructions: hand wash