BC Edelweiss Sommermesh-grau


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Our Edelweiß summer mesh caps are the summery counterpart to the Edelweiß Primavera caps. The front crown and the umbrella were made of light organic cotton and held in dashing pastel tones. The mesh material of the rear panels ensures pleasant ventilation even in midsummer. The curved shade gives an additional sporty look. Edelweiß summer mesh – the style guarantee in spring / summer 2021. Special features:

Edelweiss as a 3D stick

Front crown and peak made of light organic cotton

Rear panels made of airy mesh material

Closure: plastic snap



Size: 58cm (Note: when all buttons are closed)

Material: 60% cotton 40% polyester

Age: adult

Collection: Bavarian Caps classics

Care instructions: hand wash